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Xiaoyi26: I am a sexy, elegant and generous woman. I wi...

  • 26 лет женщина, Зодиак: Близнецы
  • Guangzhou, Китай
  • Английский(Хорошо)
  • Jewelry Shop Owner
  • без детей
  • Был(а) в онлайне: Вчера, 07:11
  • E-Mail или ID: 1001823511
  • Друзья:
 Trust Level -  69%
Private details and contact information
Личная информация
Пол женщина
Дети без детей
Хочу завести еще детей Расскажу потом
Рост 5'6" - 5'7" (166-170см)
Тип тела Среднее
Этническая принадлежность Азиат
Матримониальное положение не замужем/холост
Образование Студент ВУЗа
Доход $10,000-$30,000/в год
Курильщик Нет
Пьющий Редко
Информация о человеке, которого вы ищете
Я ищу мужчина
Ищу в возрасте 18-75
Ищу, требования к росту
Ищу, требование к типу телосложения
Знакомство Партнер для совместного время провождения, Дружба, Брак, Отношения, Романтические отношения, Временный партнер, Партнер для путешествий, Друг по переписке
I am a sexy, elegant and generous woman. I will watch movies and shop with my friends after work. I like cooking food and tasting different foods. I like to travel and enjoy the different colors of nature. My life is colorful. If you want to know more about me, please write to me
Описание идеального партнера:
I want to find a sincere and romantic gentleman who knows how to take care of himself and will tolerate and understand each other
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2022-11-11#每当我看到花瓣脱离花蕊慢慢枯萎-7119795862854847758.mp4576 x 1024 0:08View
2022-11-11#170大长腿#御姐-7151338167444999464.mp4576 x 1024 0:12View
2022-11-11What do you fear and hate most?576 x 1024 0:09View
2022-11-11Do you like going to the gym?576 x 1024 0:11View
2022-11-11黑丝配华伦天奴YYDS#御姐#大长腿-7146518208479120647.mp4576 x 1024 0:09View
2022-11-11黑丝YYDS#黑丝大长腿@抖音小助手-7015154676937002281.mp4576 x 1024 0:12View
2022-11-11跟我对视三秒,你会怎样?#气质美女-7124250688359517448.mp4576 x 1024 0:11View
2022-11-11干嘛要妹妹,姐姐才真香#御姐#大长腿-7127589963784326407.mp4576 x 1024 0:10View
2022-11-11单身可看#禁欲系#性感-7129445184160435493.mp4576 x 1024 0:11View
2022-11-11代入感真的强,我已经准备好了#黑丝大长腿-7066737570008354062.mp4576 x 1024 0:10View
2022-11-11从D变成了C#抖音颜值@抖音小助手-7051897611573349668.mp4576 x 1024 0:11View
2022-11-11出门做核酸的仪式感#气质美女#大长腿-7108667832828710152.mp4576 x 1024 0:10View
2022-11-11承认吧,你也喜欢姐姐对吧!?#气质美女-7089739167285972260.mp4576 x 1024 0:13View
2022-11-11#御姐-7153563975706283298.mp4576 x 1024 0:10View
2022-11-11#御姐#妩媚性感-7159128836221783330.mp4576 x 1024 0:11View
2022-11-11#御姐#眼神杀-7148368779305684258.mp4576 x 1024 0:11View
2022-11-11#温柔御姐-7136871418867830046.mp4576 x 1024 0:11View
2022-11-11#妩媚性感#御姐#眼神杀-7145036080654355720.mp4576 x 1024 0:11View
2022-11-11#妩媚性感#御姐-7142800673736871181.mp4576 x 1024 0:08View
2022-11-11#性感#后背杀-7129071684463742239.mp4576 x 1024 0:11View
2022-11-11#御姐#包臀裙#妩媚性感-7139836516724935950.mp4576 x 1024 0:10View
2022-11-11#御姐#包臀裙-7155789985566739746.mp4576 x 1024 0:10View
2022-11-11#御姐#大长腿-7131296737796295950.mp4576 x 1024 0:08View
2022-11-11#御姐#大长腿-7134640889758027015.mp4576 x 1024 0:12View
2022-11-11#御姐#大长腿-7136497902561529119.mp4576 x 1024 0:10View
2022-11-11#御姐#妩媚性感-7130930667809967390.mp4576 x 1024 0:11View
2022-11-12Can you let me into your heart?576 x 1024 0:12View
2022-11-12Why do we communicate less and less recently?576 x 1024 0:10View
2022-11-12If I appear beside you, will you fall in love with me?576 x 1024 0:08View
2022-11-12Do you want to take a walk together576 x 1024 0:11View
2022-11-12Do you want me to find happiness in life with you?576 x 1024 0:10View
2022-11-12I want to spend a long time in love with you, will you?576 x 1024 0:09View
2022-11-12Would you like to walk on the beach with me in the sunset?576 x 1024 0:11View
2022-11-12I want to tell you everything about me. Do you want to hear it?576 x 1024 0:10View
2022-11-12I want to know everything about you. Would you like to tell me?576 x 1024 0:07View
2022-11-12I want to buy a pair of socks. What color do you think suits me?576 x 1024 0:11View
2022-11-12Do you run your wife's bath at home?576 x 1024 0:12View
2022-11-12If I go to your house, will you invite me to your bathroom?576 x 1024 0:09View
2022-11-12Which is more important, me or your life?576 x 1024 0:12View
2022-11-12Can you reply to my message in your free time?576 x 1024 0:15View
2022-11-12You are like a riddle in my heart. Can I go to you?576 x 1024 0:10View
2022-11-12I want to tell you a secret. Do you want to know what it is?576 x 1024 0:08View
2022-11-12Will you miss me in your spare time?576 x 1024 0:06View
2022-11-12Happy cat576 x 1024 0:11View
2022-11-12Will you hold an umbrella for me when it rains?576 x 1024 0:07View
2022-11-12Would you like to blow dry my hair after I take a bath?576 x 1024 0:08View
2022-11-12Can I hide in your generous arms when it thunders?576 x 1024 0:09View
2022-11-12Do you want me to live in your heart aboveboard?576 x 1024 0:11View
2022-11-12Will you lose sleep when you see me576 x 1024 0:08View
2022-11-12Do you mind if I stay by your side all my life and let me accompany you?576 x 1024 0:11View
2022-11-12Do you like my pajamas576 x 1024 0:11View
2022-11-12Can I apply to be your resident?576 x 1024 0:12View
2022-11-12Do you miss me when you wake up every morning?576 x 1024 0:11View
2022-11-12Would you like to have a taste of what you are made of?576 x 1024 0:09View
2022-11-12Do you like my figure or my face576 x 1024 0:09View
2022-11-12I have a big news about me. Do you want to hear it?576 x 1024 0:11View
2022-11-12Good looking at the front or the back576 x 1024 0:11View
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